Tomoko Sauvage - Ombrophilia LP (Aposiopèse) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Aposiopèse, FR

"Ombrophilia is a collection of sound experiments I made with porcelain bowls filled with water between 2006 and 2008. Inspired by Jalatarangam, traditional Indian instrument, I started to play the 'waterbowls' with wooden spoons and metal wire (Mylapore, Jalatarangam Revisited). Since I immersed hydrophones in them, I have tried various ways of resonating the bowls without touching their surface : flicking, stirring, waving and dripping water All the compositions here are multitracked and edited on computer. I also inserted thin layers of field recordings I made in South India, notably in beautiful Mylapore of Chennai, where I met one of the last masters of Jalatarangam, Aanayampatti Ganesan. (Tomoko Sauvage, 2011)