All Shadows And Deliverance ‎- Partus LP (Silken Tofu) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Silken Tofu, BEL

All Shadows And Deliverance is the alter ego of Fré Decruyenaere from Kortrijk, Belgium. As label head of Usain Bolt Records and co-organizer of the infamous NOISEFEST in Kortrijk, he has been on the forefront of the Belgian noise-scene for quite some time now.

His latest album "Partus" appears like a trip through a cold and loveless world with subdued and repressed fears and demons. It takes you back to the classic Swedish death industrial sound that many loved and loathed in the 1990s (think Cold Meat Industry). The added field recordings, razorsharp feedback, machinery noises and vicious vocals (courtesy of Jenci Vervaeke of VVOVNDS) only add to the hellish and dark atmosphere.

With this new album, All Shadows And Deliverance firmly puts itself in the same filthy corner of the musical spectrum where people like PRURIENT, PHARMAKON and BRIGHTER DEATH NOW reign supreme.

Edition of 250.