The Gerogerigegege - Untitled 12" LP/12"/10" vinyl

Scrotum, DE

On April 23rd 2003, The GeroGeriGeGeGe hit the road for an 8 city west coast tour. They would make history by partaking in the first ever all scratch music tour.

The unique thing about this record is that most of the sounds were designed and arranged before the group actually rehearsed it. In other words, you will hear this record and be challenged with the question of how to use the sounds just as they are.

With less than 2 weeks to practice, the members took bits and pieces of sounds from this record, and created the vibe featured on this tour. Like any The GeroGeriGeGeGe releases, this is not your average record, this is an instrument featuring custom made sounds, vintage synths, as well as samples from seminal albums such as "Sketchbook: An Introduction to Good Music".

Whether you're trying to mimic the songs performed on the tour and album, creating original good music, or producing tracks traditionally, there's enough samples to bang out multiple albums.

A piece of history on wax.