Rev. Jim Jones - Thee Last Supper LP LP/12"/10" vinyl

Temple Records, UK

***second hand item, graded to my best knowledge and belief***

1987 release, vinyl: NM / cover: NM

Recorded by person or persons unknown during thee revolutionary mass suicide at Jonestown, Guyana on November 17 & 18, 1978 of members of thee Peoples Temple of thee Disciples of Christ (whoever he was). This event was directed, stage managed and instigated by thee Rev. Jim Jones. Thee audio quality is, needless to say, not so much hi-fi as low-fi. It does remain however a unique document of thee audible words spoken by thee Rev. Jim Jones and thee participants of this action as it took place.
Thee original recordings now reside in certain files in Washington DC, USA. Those who do not remember thee past are condemned to repeat it.

Thee LP was originally issued in 1984 by thee World Satanic Network System (W.S.N.S.) in conjunction with Monte Cazazza and T.O.P.Y. It serves as a finite and clearly defined expample of submission to religious dogma, and control by an insatiable ego. Thee root of social control was acted out to its ultimate conclusion. A gift to a supposedly loving god. Thee original edition numbered 789* copies, one for each dead body at Jonestown. These were picture discs in black and white, hand-numbered in gold.

For thee realisation of this project, or how thee death tapes came to life:
American Connection: Monte Cazazza
London Connection: Genesis P. Orridge
Satanic Connection: Vagina Dentata Organ

*Note: Although most books suggest over 900 bodies thee official Washington/C.I.A. report states 789. It was suspected by those compiling this LP that they ought to know!

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