Sketch - Untitled CD CD/CDr/DVD

Forced Nostalgia, BEL

Sketch is a post-industrial, architectual ambient project founded in the mid 80s by Norwegians Kai Mikalsen and Thor Jørgensen, both ex-Jeg Falt. Their 1994 debut proper "Reasons To Sway" was released on Apollo after highschool protege Geir Jenssen played a DAT to the R&S people. Sketch continued to produce organic soundscapes til 2002, both live as in the studio. Members are still active in the field of visual arts and music as Kobi and Magnetic Plural.

Sketch is a work of architectural ambient tape music composed in the late eighties. It was recorded at home on tape recorder & 4-track and self-released in 1990 as C-90 cassette (edition of only 100 copies). Instrumentation: Yamaha DX-27, Ensoniq, flute, ARP oddysey, fretless bass, guitar, plastic tube, wood tube, various percussion, interior of a wall clock, living room furnitures, water, radio. The sound has been discreetly adjusted without overly affecting the lo-fi charms of the DIY eighties.

200 numbered copies in digipak.