Asmus Tietchens / Kouhei Matsunaga - Split 12" LP/12"/10" vinyl

Important, US

Tietchens’ massive catalog has ranged from pop-oriented synthesizer loops to pure abstract noise, but this one is toned down a little. His first piece features a calm aloof drone with barely-melodic, creepy bends gliding throughout the entire piece. Apparently those “bends” are thanks to Tietchens’ pal and ethereal guitar-manipulator Dirk Serries (a.k.a. Fear Falls Burning, a.k.a. Vidna Obmana) who gave the samples to Tietchens just for fun. His second track is equally mesmerizing; it’s a twinkling bleepy-bloopy joy ride through space. Matsunaga on the filpside, who's been pumping out all sorts of different material since the late 90s, including three releases on Important Records last summer. Two of them were collaborations with Mika Vainio from Pan Sonic (one of which included Sean Booth from Autechre), and the other was an incredible full-length solo work. He also just released another full-length album on UK label Skam Records under the alias NHKyx. His pieces featured on this record fall somewhere between his minimalist beat-oriented work and his more abstract piercing soundscapes.