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Dave Phillips ‎- South Africa Recordings 2xCD

Image of Dave Phillips ‎- South Africa Recordings 2xCD


DP self-released, CH

these discs contain nature’s sounds with this particular intention/communication in mind. the field recordist in the role of a mediator. aesthetic choices are but departing points. the quality of attention defines the quality of experience. of hearing. of listening and understanding. then the exploration may begin.

tongues speaking, senses responding, resonating and reverberating. altered states. immersion - being part of something. south african wildlife and its soundscapes are in-your-face. but disappearing. forced away by human supremacy/stupidity. hear: night soundscapes with bubbling kassinas in riparian woodland. tremolo sand frogs and anuran night chorales. a semi-dry river bed after sunset. climatic events at the billion year old mmabolela rock. vigorous toad night chanting at a small lake. curious and vocal desert crows. cicada serenades, solos, duets and ensembles - frequency rapture. transpiration, flies and ears. barking geckos ringing in the night. night-insects crooning. howling jackals and roaring lions. hundreds of doves at a waterhole - the magic of avian movement in unison. wandering hyenas meeting family at their den. a mountain forest stream.
primate vocalisations. a morning river walk. the atmosphere of a gorge. swamp forests, wind and clicking katydids. a hippopotami laughing. dung beetles in flight. swamp life. squirrel voices from beyond. an egyptian fruit bat cave.

these recordings have been equalised and arranged. panning is used. no other audio treatments, effects or manipulations have been applied. many tracks are single recordings, a few are layered. each disc is one continuous listening session. alternative playback on headphones is suggested. maximum volume yields maximum effects.

2CD + 16 page booklet in a 6-panel cardboard sleeve.
Edition of 300.