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Beatriz Ferreyra / Christine Groult ‎- Nahash CD

Image of Beatriz Ferreyra / Christine Groult ‎- Nahash CD


trAce, FR

Beatriz Ferreyra on tape recorders and speed control. Christine Groult on samplers and effects. This duo was created for a GRM event. Prerecorded elements are used into different electroacoustic devices in the idea of creating complex sound in a playful way.

“The adventure began in 2011. Christian Zanesi, art director of the INA-GRM has the weird idea to order to Beatriz Ferreyra and Christine Groult an improvised duet with tape recorders within the framework of a « Weekend retro actif » at the Gaité lyrique,in Paris. Beatriz Ferreyra brought her analog studio of the Seventies with four Revox tape recorders, an analog matrix and a sync box with vari speed, specially designed for her. The use of the magnetic tape is very manual and connects the energy of the movements of the body with the shaped sound. The use of the sampler, major instrument of the Nineties, is very particular and playful, it tends to be abandoned. However it allows to use audio recording with a singular and personal collection of sounds.

The interaction between these two very different technologies have rained to the two composers and stimulated them. But first, they seek the musical expression. They worked together to the building of the improvisation. Some common themes and some meaningful images guide them to the research of the sounds and to the configuration of the device for playing.

Why two versions? It seemed interesting to offer an experience to the listener: two different improvisations are proposed, using the same sounds, the same devices and the same set of themes, but by permuting the various moments of the structure and by adding new sounds. What about the perception of these differences in electroacoustics?”